We can help you build your dream products.


We build autonomous robotics to suit customer needs.

Image Processing

We are experts in image processing and we have already completed a plethora of assignments in this field.

Embedded Systems

Our expertise in working with wide variety of micro controllers such as AVR, PIC and embedded processors like ARM can help you with building embedded solutions for your applications.


We are doing research in the following domains

Wearable Technology

Wearable gadgets are gaining momentum so are we. We are doing indepth research in this area and we can help you build your dream wearable gadget.

Robotics Education

We are researching for providing best robotic education across the globe.

Internet of Things

Imagine a world in which all the devices are connected to the Internet and can be access and control from anywhere. Does this excite you? If so we can help you to build your internet of things.

About US

Who are we

A group of experienced and technology enthusiastic professionals passionate about exploring new domains of technology and provide excellent service and products to customers.

Our Vision

To build environmental friendly machines and gadgets which will help in keeping our planet a better place for the generations to come.

Our Mission

To serve technology oriented customers in building some awesome products which will in turn fund our green technology research.

Meet our Team

Meet our Founder.

Lentin Joseph


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